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How Devamatha CMI Public School is helping Nihal grow

If India has any chances to reach the top in sporting competitions, it needs a revolution. A revolution in the way people think about sports, approach sports, and also what we do for our sportspersons. And this revolution has to start at the entry point itself. In India, more often than not, these entry points are India’s schools.

A school’s responsibility is not limited to teaching its students’ life skills and lessons, nor is it just about coaching the kids. Most schools do that, and that is all. But in reality, if a school really has to make a difference, it has to support the student’s sporting ambitions in every way possible—by making sure that the student is well-funded, by taking special care of the student’s educational needs,  and also maintaining the right social environment around the child. True education is holistic and the child should not miss out on a childhood just because it has to focus on being the best in some sporting or other activity.

Luckily, for Nihal, Devamatha CMI Public School in Thrissur does everything they possibly can, while taking care of his education, etc., to raise him like a proper student, who happens to be good at chess.

Nihal does not need to worry about missing out on classes, or exams. The school is always there to support him and make sure he up to date with the studies by taking special care of him.

After Nihal became in International Master, the school invited him and his parents for a heart-warming felicitation that was attended by the entire school.

Devamatha CMI Public School, Thrissur, where Nihal studies.
Nihal with his teacher and friends. Nihal was felicitated by the authorities in school assembly, cheered by all the students of the institution.
A shy Nihal watching…
Before he is inundated with requests for selfies!
Nihal with (left to right) Devamatha CMI School Principal Rev. Fr. Shaju Edamana, Co-curricular Activities coordinator Mr. O.D. Varkey, Dr. Sarin (Nihal’s father) and Dr. Shijin (Nihal’s mother).
Near the institution building, the school had put up billboards celebrating Nihal’s success!

It was truly a very special moment to be a part of such a warm reception, but more importantly, it is even more special to be a student in such a caring school.

This is how schools in India should be, and this is how India can rise to become a sporting superpower.

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